SaaS Visual Data Analytics

It is common to see businesses storing P&ID information in one place, CAD models in another, historian data in yet another, and the list goes on. A major issues that arises from this approach is incompatible data formats. As a result, data stored in different silos creates a severe lack of transparency, efficiency, and trust within organizations.

As a data driven company, we  evaluate your current practices and help you to develop something new and innovative in visual asset management, asset information modeling and lean asset monitoring by the following approach:

  • Streamline the collection, processing, and storage of data
  • Centralize data storage, access, and security across your organization
  • Link or harmonize data across sources
  • Simplify complex workflows into elegant data pipelines

Virtual Asset Management


Our Facility Management applications provides a platform for small project teams, Fortune 500 companies or for single users, where you can upload, download, link, tag, search and share all digital files more easily than you have ever done before.

The perfect tool for maintenance procedures in facility management,
UAV data sharing, construction site and cultural heritage documentation, safety and security planning, crime scene documentation and many others.

Key Benefits

Inspection Digital Twin

Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor

Accelerate Digital Inspection. We help you to reduce costs and drive meaningful business insights through the power of visual data and AI computer vision.

Optelos patented technology combines visual data management, data visualization, and automated AI computer vision, to deliver targeted business insights at scale

Visual Data Analytics

Key Benefits