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ServiceVirtual Asset Management

Our Facility Management applications provides a platform for small project teams, Fortune 500 companies or for single users, where you can upload, download, link, tag, search and share all digital files more easily than you have ever done before.

The perfect tool for maintenance procedures in facility management, UAV data sharing, construction site and cultural heritage documentation, safety and security planning, crime scene documentation and many others. VAM2 works in your browser. Click on the button to open sample projects in VAM2.

Having consolidated online database that is accessible visually at your workplace makes it much easier for you to do work scoping, taking measurement and look up for references regarding your asset. This is most the cost efficient solution for remote asset management.

General Procedure

Step 1 360 Camera Survey

We deploy competent Civetta 360 camera operator to capture spherical images at site. There will be no datum require as each setup will stand independently.

Step 2 Spherical Image Processing

The raw data from each setup that was obtained from the site survey was further processed via stitching method using Civetta pre & post-processing software. The result is high resolution spherical image


Step 3 Visual Linking & Document Tagging

360 images, P&ID, point cloud and 3D models are dumped in an integrated online database and being populated automatically in the application. These files are linked between each other via drag & drop approach  in order to create a seamless virtual tours.

Step 4 Perform Virtual Tours at Your Browser

Now that you have a web based virtual tours platform to visualize your asset, you can do the work scoping, taking measurement and manage your data from anywhere around the globe.