Engineering Data As-Built

Using the latest technology of 3D laser scanner UAV Drone and photogrammetry, we could migrate your facilities massive data into your desktop rapidly.

We have the flexibility to deploy 3D laser scan or drone attached with metric camera or both, depending on your need. The output from both devices are convertible to the format of your desire.

From the 3D laser scanner, the point data retrieved will be further processed by our in-house drafter. The result is precise intelligent & semi intelligent 3D CAD model and other engineering drawing (P&ID, ISO or GA) that you need for your engineering intent.

Our technical know-how on utilizing photogrammetry technology and highly skilled drone operator allows us to capture photos of the site and directly convert those images into 3D model, seamlessly. All this is possible to be done in a very short period time!

General Procedure

Step 1 Laser Scan & UAV Drone Survey

By using the latest 3D laser scan ad UAV Drone technology, we deploy competent surveyor to perform laser scan and photo capture activities at customer’s facility to get high quality point cloud and high resolution images with geo-reference data. 

Step 2 Point Cloud Data Processing

Point cloud data that was obtained during the laser scan survey was further processed and optimized in order to prepare it for 3D modeling purpose.

Step 3 3D Modeling

These measured point clouds are then used to draw detailed 3D models that can be used for a wide range of purposes – from offering clients a virtual reality tour of your site, to producing Building Information Models, reverse-engineering buildings or internal areas, planning for renovation or excavation, looking at the impact of structures on natural daylight and inspecting key components during prototyping, production runs or quality control.

Photos obtained from the UAV Drone are processed by means of photogrammetry to generate high density point cloud that will be automatically converted to 3D mesh model. 

Step 4 Engineering Drawing Generation

We operate the latest in CAD drawing software, taking accurate data and turning it into useful drawings, models or plans that can be used to aid decision making, prove a technical point or as a point of discussion early on in the project.


Typical Equipment

  • UAV Drone
  • Laser Scanner
  • Processing Software