360 Photogrammetry

360 Photogrammetry

Civetta 360 Camera

Our 360 photogrammetry solution features integrated measurement technology that provides absolute distance, length, angle or (x,y,z) coordinates. With an excellent accuracy of +-2mm in 10m distance.

With this in mind, you can take precise measurement whenever you need them with the included spherical viewer software. The Civetta 360° provides the perfect setup for automated 3D Point cloud generation. The data be interfaced with various 3D CAD software platform for the construction of as-built drawings.

Fast It takes only 40 seconds to record the full 360° spherical image. Choose your location, shoot, done.
Simple The Civetta is fully calibrated for photogrammetry and it takes the best images with only one button.
Resilient Durable, reliable and stable in harsh environments. It won’t let you down or break.

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