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Operational Excellence through Creation of Digital Twin Asset

Embark on the journey to transforming your physical asset into digital data, hosted in cloud based SaaS web application.


Automatically generate insights from laser scan & drone data

Our company handles everything from data collection and analysis to delivery of crucial insights.

We operate software and analytics platform for automating the data processing and analysis of survey data, feeding useful insights across your organization and into business workflows. We’re putting survey to work and simplifying the end-to-end analytics supply chain down to a simple request.


Drone & Laser Scan Survey

infotrax dji matrice 600 pro drone

We offer safe, accurate and efficient surveys and data collection in challenging or hazardous environments.

By using advanced technology in collecting data, we are capable of retrieving high quality raw survey data such as point cloud and photos in order to produce precise digital data of your asset.


Engineering Data Generation

Our engineering services cover everything from built and measured surveys, structural services, thermographic mapping, 3D and 2D CAD data generation.

From raw survey data to useful, workable file format of your need. We have the comparative advantage in terms of providing report and visualize your data in whatever format works best for you. Be it as-built 3D model, UAV 3D mesh model, 360 images, thermal images or P&ID drawing, we can do it all.

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Virtual Asset Management

Weiss AG VAM2

Our Facility Management applications provides a platform for small project teams, Fortune 500 companies or for single users, where you can upload, download, link, tag, search and share all digital files more easily than you have ever done before.

The perfect tool for maintenance procedures in facility management,
UAV data sharing, construction site and cultural heritage documentation, safety and security planning, crime scene documentation and many others.


Inspection Digital Twin

Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor

Accelerate Digital Inspection. We help you to reduce costs and drive meaningful business insights through the power of visual data and AI computer vision.

Optelos patented technology combines visual data management, data visualization, and automated AI computer vision, to deliver targeted business insights at scale

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Discover how we implement SaaS and disrupts client’s conventional method to increase productivity and reduce operation cost significantly.

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